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ULTRASONIC SCALER TIP HOLDER - Torque Wrench Key Holder for EMS, Woodpecker, Satelec 🟢

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1. Brand New; Durable; 100% CE High Quality.2. Widely used by worldwide dentists with positive feedbacks.3. Suit for EMS, Satelec, Woodpecker, DTE Ultrasonic Scaler Tips.4. Can be sterilized under high temperature and pressure below 135°C.

1. The torque is preset . Once the strength exerted to the scaler tip reaches the limit , the clutch inside the wrench would skid ,could not exert any further strength to the tip, thus effectively protecting the ultrasonic scaler handpiece.
2. The removed tip would be clamped by the wrench , thus not to fall off. There is a setup like a "snap fastener" in the wrench, a spring could clamp the tip firmly once the tip inserted, but the spring does not prohibit the tip  separating from the wrench.. By the way, by mains of traditional wrench, a tip must be fixed by hand, this gesture     would be assailed by patients who are exquisite in sanitation, consequentially, the doctor drops into an embarrassing satuation.

3. The wrench is made of heat-resistant plastic, it is autoclavable, 135 degree Celsius, 0.22Mpa, time after time.
4. The wrench looks like a cylinder, the cylinder encloses the tip, and the tip is prevented from hurting the hand  effectively. On the other hand, the traditional wrench, doesn't cover the tip. It must be very dangerous that a tip with blood stain happens to prick doctors's hand!
Clamp wrench can protect doctors as well as ultrasonic scaler handpiece , upgrade the level of sanitation.

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