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  4. Delivery Details (Billing + Shipping)
  5. Payment
  6. Order Successful.

Guide on How To Order on MSLI Dental Supplies Official Website

1) Get into our Official Website then click login. For new customer, please sign up and complete your profile.

Note: Due to our new platform of Ecommerce for MSLI Dental Supplies, we are highly advise our customer to create a new account for first time use only.

2) Once login successful, your account dashboard will appear on screen. Now you can start shop in our website! :D

3) Add the item into your cart. Start Checkout.

For your information, our shopping cart is on cache, which mean you can save your cart. (Depends on stock availability)

  • Promo Code: Specific Code per campaign (Eg: ABC123)
  • Free Gift: Auto Assign per campaign

4) Choose your preferred Delivery Method ( Shipping or Self Pickup )

  • Shipping: Standard Delivery (RM10.00)
  • Self Pickup: Office Hour (Monday to Friday)

5) Complete your Payment.

We have multiple way of payment at your own suit.

  • FPX (Online Banking)
  • Bank Transfer

Note: Please allow 1 to 3 business days for MSLI Account Dept to verify your transactions.

6) Order Placed, Successful. Thank you for supporting MSLI Dental Supplies!

Last Updated: 7 February 2022

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