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SHOULER PREPARATION BURS KIT (FG-107) - 10 pcs Assorted Burs - B001🟢

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1. There are 8 different sets,each set has different use 2. Natural emery powder, high hardness, it can make sure bur sharpness. 3. Stalk who used high-grade stainless steel, high strength, no rusty. 4. It could be disinfected under the high temperature and high pressure. 5. The maximum allowable speed to 400,000/min. 6. Burs diameter: 1.6mm

1. TF/Taper Flat End 2. TR /Taper Round End 3. TC/ Taper Conical End 4. FO/Flame Ogival End 5. SF /Straight Flat End 6. BR/ball Round 7. CD means Childern's dentistry 8. WR means wheel Round Edge 9. S means short shank 10. SS means super short shank 11. SI means Single inverted Cone 12. BC means Ball collar Type 13.DI means Double Inverted Cone 14.EX means Special shape

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