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SALIVA CHECK BUFFER KIT - Saliva Test Quality pH & Buffering Capacity

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    Saliva-Check BUFFER is a saliva-testing examination tool that is used to educate patients, assist in preventive treatment planning and properly select dental materials in order to initiate changes in the patient’s oral hygiene. This product plays a significant role in maintaining oral health. It identifies, measures and assesses the patient’s saliva condition, which helps determine the body's possible risk of caries. It is also helpful for testing hydration, salivary consistency, resting saliva pH, stimulated saliva flow, stimulated saliva pH and saliva buffering capacity. The Saliva-Check BUFFER is ideal for use during routine oral examinations.


Assists in diagnosis and preventive treatment design

  • Corrects problems before the damage occurs
  • Improves patient communication and motivation
  • Starts a new profit center for the dental practice
  • Offers improved preventive treatment to your patients
Simple, comprehensive saliva testing procedures

  • Hydration testing measures salivary production
  • Salivary Consistency Testing visually assesses the viscosity of unstimulated saliva
  • Resting Saliva pH Testing measures the pH of unstimulated saliva
  • Stimulated Saliva Flow Testing measures the quantity of saliva produced in 5 minutes while chewing an unflavored piece of wax
  • Stimulated Saliva pH Testing measures the pH of saliva produced under masticatory stimulus
  • Saliva Buffering Capacity Testing measures the ability of saliva to minimize acidic challenges
  • All 6 tests take less than 10 minutes total per patient
  • In most cases, tests can be performed by trained auxiliaries
  • Makes it easier to initiate change in the patient's oral hygiene
Patient test packaging

  • Prevents possibility of cross-contamination, which assures accurate results
  • Easily works into the patient's oral examination procedure
Educational tool for patients

  • Helps the patient strive for oral balance
  • Identifies saliva problems and assists in preventive treatment planning
  • Improves oral health by achieving an equilibrium between the demineralizing effect of bacteria and acids on tooth surfaces and the buffering benefits of saliva
Strong Bonding, Compressive and Tensile Strengths

  • Greater longevity and restoration integrity
Demonstrates salivary dysfunction to patients
  • Offers factual explanation for disfunctions such as: difficulty in eating or swallowing, changes in taste, tooth sensitivity, soft tissue trauma and inadequate denture retention
  • Validates signs of patient salivary disfunction including: frothy mucinous saliva, increased saliva viscosity, sublingual pooling, dry mucus strands, tongue coating, epithelial atrophy, poorly mineralized calculus (or no calculus) on lower anterior teeth, poor labial minor salivary gland production, candidal infection, cervical plaque, coronol and root surface caries, accelerated tooth wear and erosion, and cervical dentinal hypersensitivity
Helps find factors that affect salivary disfunction

  • Communication vehicle to identify contributing factors like: dehydration, stress, smoking, disease, salivary gland pathology, chronic renal failure, drug abuse, menopausal hormone imbalance and medicine side effects

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