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MDA registration number : GA2758422-98649

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  • In order to record the extremely fine details of the oral hard and soft tissues, the unset impression material must have very good hydrophilic characteristics during the impression-taking process.
  • When assessing the contact angle of dental impression materials with water and dental stone, conventional test procedures often entail the use of set material. Vitta's compatibility with wet dentin and gingival tissue has been shown in testing that replicates clinical conditions using unset material.


  • The contact angles of Vitta Impression Material are extremely low. They are quickly disseminated and adapt to dentin and wet dental tissue.

Accuracy and moisture displacement

  • The perfect replication of fine anatomical details is made possible by Vitta Impression Material's ability to diffuse easily into confined spaces, displacing any trapped oral fluids. The end product is an exceptional impression made with outstanding accuracy

Tear strength, elasticity and consistency

  • Vitta's exceptional tear resistance decreases the possibility of tearing delicate edges. Vitta is simple to remove from the patient's mouth and elastically recovers from removal deformation. Increased final consistency values from Vitta Light Body to Vitta Heavy Body will ideally lead to better impression outcomes.

1 pack comes with:

  • 2 cartridges (50ml)
  • 6 mixing tips

Brand: Nitium Technology

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