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INNOWHITE PRO HP35 (35% Hydrogen Peroxide In-office Dental Whitening System) - 1 to 2 patients Kit

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EXPIRY DATE: 03/2025

35% Hydrogen Peroxide In-Office Dental Whitening System

InnoWhite In-Office System (for 1 to 2 patient use)

  • 1x Gingival barrier, 3ml
  • 1x 35% Hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, 1.5ml (after mixing)
  • 1x Activator (mixing system)
  • 1x Desensitizer, 3ml
  • Brush tips

The mixing system contains Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Fluoride for strengthening enamel and reducing sensitivity during the whitening treatment. Upon mixing, the photo activator provides the maximum oxidation effects in the presence of blue light with emitting wavelength of between 460 to 490nm.  The treatment is strictly to be administered by dental professionals only.

Why InnoWhite ?

InnoWhite is aprofessional in-office dental whitening system whcih employs OSRAM blue

advanced LED (ALED) non-heat technology, to provide consumers

na efective and yet affordable solution for teeth whitening. This non-heat solution

provides greater comfort to the patient during the treatment, and less invasive to the mug

and surrounding tisues. Operating with OSRAM ALED light designed with the optimum wavelength, the InnoWhite in-office dental whitening system has ben proven to merevo intrinsic satnis effectively

and the result si highly predictable. Apart from the in-office sysetm, h o m e whiteningkit,

refilled syringes and whitening pen are also availableas maintenance kit.

Pro HP35 In-office System

- Safe

- Fast and Effective

- Predictable result

- Immediate

- Minimal sensitivity

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