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G-AENIAL UNIVERSAL FLO - 3.4g (2mL) per Syringe

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MDA No. : GB11973932318

       G-ænial Universal Flo represents the next advancement in the flowable composites category. In the past, dentists had to sacrifice strength and aesthetics to get the easy handling they loved with a flowable. That is no longer the case. Studies have confirmed that G-ænial Universal Flo has higher strength, higher wear resistance, and higher gloss retention than other tested flowable composites; it even rivals leading conventional composites in these categories. Finally - no more sacrifices to receive the handling professionals love!

  • Operates like a low-flow flowable, and performs like a restorative
  • New, innovative delivery system
  • Easy access, handling and placement
  • Highly thixotropic, with an excellent flow
  • Recommended for Class I, II, III, IV and V Restorations
  • Higher strength than the leading flowables and conventional composites
  • Higher wear resistance than the leading flowables and conventional composites
  • Higher gloss retention than the leading flowables and conventional composites
  • Contains 16 shades in three opacities
  • bis-GMA free

  • Superior handling
  • No voids during placement
  • Thixotropic; flows well under pressure
  • Beautiful aesthetics; easy to polish the exceptional gloss and sustained luster
  • Excellent durability; the high wear resistance leads to beautiful, long-lasting restorations

  • Highest flexural strength of all tested leading flowable composites*
  • Highest wear resistance of all tested leading flowable or conventional composite*
  • Higher gloss retention than any leading flowable or conventional nano-hybrid composite*
  • Newly designed syringe and tip minimizes waste, allows excellent visibility and easier use
  • New filler technology uses 200 nm sized particles; this is the smallest of all leading composites
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