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G-AENIAL ANTERIOR (Light Cured Composite Restorative)

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MDA No. : GB23820157417


A1: 02/2026

A2 05/2026

A3 12/2025

A3.5 12/2025


  • Capturing the genius of nature .
Create æ-motion with the all-round restorative for straightforward invisible restoration

  • Introducing the age-specific shade selection system. Are you looking for the most effortless way to create invisibility in your restorations? The search is over. GC presents G-aenial Anterior Posterior, two light-cured restoratives that were developed using GC’s extensive expertise and knowledge of dental materials together with suggestions from loyal Gradia Direct users. You can depend on the years of experience and industry know-how that went into creating G-ænial to reinforce your aesthetic skills and ability to match every restoration with nature.

1. Natural reflectivity creates invisibility

        The challenge for each dentist is to create perfectly invisible restorations which satisfy patients in a limited amount of time. However, copying the natural colour and reflection of a tooth is difficult. It took all GC’s expertise to develop the unique composition of G-ænial, which makes its optical properties match those of a natural tooth.

        A unique composition with an internal reflectivity which accurately reproduces that of natural tooth. Thanks to its high light scattering properties, G-ænial will blend perfectly with the surrounding cavity. The chameleon effect which can be achieved with just one shade of G-ænial is of such a high standard that the restoration not only matches the surrounding natural tooth, it blends and becomes aesthetically invisible.

        The range of restorative materials that are currently available on the market do not always suit the way in which dentists work nowadays. Often, a compromise must be made between aesthetics and simplicity. Now, you don’t have to settle for less and can offer your patients the very best aesthetic restorations with one shade, by using G-ænial from GC.

        Aesthetic results for more demanding cases using 2 or 3 shades are now also possible with the help of an advanced shading system that was designed with G-ænial. This means that even layering is simplified.

2. Easy Handling

        G-ænial is one of the few composite materials that really qualify as being user-friendly, thanks to its advanced shade system and because it is a unique composite that offers effortless manipulation. GC is confident that you will enjoy the handling of G-ænial because of how its consistency and working times are suited to the restorative classes.


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