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Edel + White Fresh + Protect mouthwash refreshes and protects your oral cavity.

Mouthwash characteristics

  • pleasant taste of grapefruit and lemon
  • Large packaging
  • does not contain alcohol
  • with sodium fluoride

Fresh + Protect mouthwash

Fresh + Protect mouthwash is great for daily oral hygiene. It helps you maintain oral hygiene or supplement it with proper brushing. Mouthwash offers you additional protection, as food can make a significant contribution to the accumulation of dental plaque. Fresh + Protect mouthwash is designed to prevent the build-up of these plaques.

Due to the natural fruit extracts of grapefruit and lemon, Fresh + Protect mouthwash has a very pleasant taste. At the same time, these two fruits bring a special freshness to your oral cavity, which overcomes even the most unpleasant breath.

Fresh + Protect mouthwash does not contain alcohol and therefore does not irritate the mouth when rinsing. 250 ppm of sodium fluoride provides additional protection during use. The present bioavailable fluorine is intended for optimal remineralization. Even though we brush our teeth regularly, achieving perfect oral hygiene is almost impossible. With the right mouthwash, such as Edel + White Fresh + Protect mouthwash, we can help protect our teeth. The less plaque we have, the easier it will be to clean our teeth and at the same time take care of later problems.

Use of mouthwash

Use Fresh + Protect mouthwash undiluted. Use some liquid to rinse your mouth for half a minute. Spit out all the liquid and do not rinse your mouth with water.

Brand: EDEL WHITE (Switzerland)🇨🇭
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