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Product Description

Exp Date: 29/04/2025

The ultimate concierge service for a healthy mouth Your mouth is home to your teeth, gums and tongue, and like any home, it needs care and maintenance. Care Forte is the quintessential daily care toothpaste with a refreshing aroma that you can really feel working.  

The multi-tasking formula relieves the signs and symptoms of gingivitis, while fortifying teeth and gums, strengthening them from further flare-ups.

Its combination of precious active ingredients work together to restore a naturally white smile, care for irritated gums, and provide instant and long-lasting protection. The expert formula has everything you need (and nothing you don’t!) to keep your mouth clean, comfortable, and secure. Multi-tasking formula brightens teeth and cares for gums

Compact foaming formula delivers active ingredients around the mouth Contains bioavailable fluoride for optimal remineralisation

Contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial tocopheryl acetate and ⍺-bisabolol. Calcium lactate promotes remineralisation an prevents calculus formation.

Clean formulation with no parabens or titanium dioxide


Brand: EDEL WHITE (Switzerland)🇨🇭
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