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E-CONNECT S - Brushless Rotary Endo Motor Build In Apex Locator

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MDA REG. NO. : GB237591340519

E-CONNECT S - Brushless Endo Motor Build In Apex Locator 

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Product description 

1. Apical control with rotary instruments.

  • Position of file is displayed on screen and the motor rotates in reverse direction when file reaches pre-set apical working length,to prevent over instrumentation.

2. Manual canal measurement.

  • Manual file clip can be used to measure canals precisely with hand files.

3. Multi frequency technology with high accuracy&precision.

4. Apex Locator flash bar with zoom-in function(when file goes beyond 0.5mm).

Working Modes:

  • FWD-Clockwise Continuous Rotation.
  • REV-Counter Clockwise Continuous Rotation .
  • REC-Reciprocation Movement.
  • First-in-class cordless open motor with adjustable angles of rotation from 30° to 370° for reciprocation as per user’s need. 
  • First-in-class feature of speed adjustment in reciprocation mode. ATCAdaptive Torque Control .
  • ATC-Adaptive Torque Control.
  • ATC manages the files stress in a smart way.When torque limit is reached.Instead of going into reverse mode,motor reciprocates till the stress is reduced.
  • Once back to below pre-set torque level,file will again rotate in continuous rotation.

Integrated mode features:

  1. Auto Start & Stop-Motor starts moving when the file enters inside root canal, and stops when withdrawn
  2. Apical Reverse - When the file reaches pre-set apical reverse point, user can define whether the file starts moving in reverse direction
  3. Apical Slow Down - To preserve the cemento dentinal junction and avoid file separation, speed of motor slows down when file is in apical region.

Specifications :

  • Rotational Speed Range:   120-1000rpm
  • Torque Range:   0.5-4.0Ncm
  • Memory Programs:   11(M0-M10)
  • Battery Capacity:   1500mAh


To conclude, considering all the strong points of the device, the E Connect S is a very useful tool both for experts and General Dental Patrictioners that want to get a real high control during the shaping of the root canal system.


REFERENCE : ( A Tutorial video and review of E-Connect S by Dr.Filippo Cardinali )


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