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(READY STOCK)✅ COMPOSITE POLISHING KIT - RA0309 (For Low-Speed Handpiece Contra Angle)🟢 #B001

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Kit Profile:3 ceramic polishers and 6 silicone rubber polishers

1. CW 306 4 White pointed polisher

2. CW 311 4 White cone polisher

3. CW 351 4 White ball polisher

4. Pink cup-shaped polisher

5. Pink knife wheel polisher

6. Pink pointed polisher

7. Light blue cup-shaped polisher

8. Light blue knife wheel polisher

9. Light blue pointed polisher

Followed is the specific steps. (Note: Each step should be used at the recommended speed.)

First, adjust the nose to recommended speed, the polishers should be in the best condition and can achieve the best polishing effect.

First step: recommended speed:15000-20000; According to different parts,you can choose 1, 2 and 3 different shape polishers for rough polishing the surface.

Second step: recommended speed:15000; According to different parts,you can choose 4, 5 and 6 different shape polishers for fine polishing.

Third step: recommended speed:15000; According to different parts,you can choose 7, 8 and 9 different shape polishers for super-fine polishing.

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