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🎉 C+ FILES 21/25mm (Stainless Steel)🟢

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1.It is composed of a working part, an indicator ring and a handle. The working part is made of special medical stainless steel alloy with high bending strength.

2.Pyramid (pyramid) tip design, with strong penetrating power to dredge the root canal,the tip is 3mm hardened. Suitable for exploration of small curved root canals,conducive to improvement, can make the direction of the root canal wall descend smoothly.

3.The taper is the same as the conventional K key, which is 02 taper, and the hardness of the device is increased by improving the material.

Usage: Accessing and cleaning calcified root canals


1. Ultra-stiff design, markings on end of handle, silicone stoppers and calibration rings

2. Easier location of canal orifices

3. Easier access to apical third

4. Better negotiation of calcifications

5. Better tactile feel

6. Radiopaque silicon stop

7. Lengths: 25 mm

8. Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 15, 8-15

9. Pack of: 6 files a pack

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