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🕌✨🌙 DEAD SOFT WIRE - Lingual Retainer Wire (Similar to RELIANCE Bond•A•Braid) 🟢

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The dead soft wire easily adapts and is excellent for semi-permanent orthodontic splinting of the upper and lower incisors, diastema maintenance and other tooth splinting.

  • Lingual retainer
  • Ribbon  arch wire
  • 8-strand braided wire
  • Dead soft – adapts easily

Packing List:Total 1Pack/10pcs

Material:Stainless Steel


Size: 0.010 x 0.028" / 0.010 x 0.032"


1.Long Straight Wires

2.A bright, smooth, flat sur.

3. grade superior quality Pure titanium wire.

4.Stress relieved for superior tensile strength with less brittleness.

5.Accurate placement and consistent shape to ensure superior results.

6.A bonded, flat wire for permanent or semi-permanent retention of tooth position.


1.Bonded to the lingual sur, this is unobtrusive, aesthetic, and requires little patient cooperation.

2.Flat Lingual Retainer Wire is ideal for maxillary and mandibular bonded lingual retainers.

3.Will not fray when cut, can be bonded into place using any type of adhesive.

4.Flat Lingual Retainer Wire is used to make permanent fixed lingual retainers following orthodontic treatment.

5.The retainer wire features a very thin rectangular shape that can be adapted with no occlusal interference while ensuring patient comfort.

6.It prevents inadvertent tooth movement associated with active force wires.

7.It could be used right away in the dentist's office on the patient's teeth and there is no need for additional laboratory adjustments or precautions.

8.Nothing can secure the teeth positioning after the orthodontic treatment better than the Flat Lingual Retainer Wire.

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