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🎉 3BORTHO - BLUE GLUE Orthodontic Adhesive (Color Changes from Blue to White when Light Cured ) 🟢

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MDA REG NO : GB5688622-106162

*Colour changes to tooth color




    BLUE GLUE makes any excess or ramaining adhesive easier to see when bonding / debonding . And the blue color disappears and turns to clear
white completely when it approaches body temperature .

  • Dentist have enough operation time to locate brackets and remove excess adhesive under ambient light .
  • The light curing time can be shortened to 5 seconds .
  • Good viscosity to prevent adhesive run-on and bracket drift .
  • ETCHANT GEL : Gel - type without overflowing , moderate viscosity .
  • PRIMER : Moisture - tolerant , good fluidity , strong permeability without irrigating odor .
  • ADHESIVE : Fluent extrusion , clear and smooth .
  1. Storage between 2-28degree . Light sensitive and keep away from moisture .
  2. Do not expose materials to excessive temperature or intense light .
  3. Blue Glue is advides to be refrigerated for 2-5 min if the blue color doesn't appear when using .
  4. expiry date is 2 YEARS

Instructions For Use Orthodontic Adhesive

A. Product Information
- Product Name: Orthodontic Adhesive
- Model: OA01-101,OA01-102,OA01-103
B. Performance, Content, Application
- Performance: Shear Bonding Strength ≥ 7MPa
- Content: This system includes Etchant, Primer and Adhesive. Etchant contains phosphoric acid and distilled water; Primer and Adhesive are contained mainly by SiO2, BIS-GMA, TEG-DMA.
- Application: For direct bonding of ceramic and metal brackets in orthodontic treatment.
C. Contraindication, Caution and Note
- Contraindication: Use with caution if acrylate allergy.
- Note:
1. Etchant - contains 37% phosphoric acid solution. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and soft tissue. In case of contact with eyes, skin and soft tissue, flush immediately with soap and clean water.
2. Primer - avoid prolonged contact with oral tissues and skin. Wash with soap and water after contact. Uncured materials may cause anaphylaxis reaction. In case of contact with skin, flush immediately with soap water and get medical care if necessary.
3. Adhesive - Blue Glue/ Green Glue contains a temperature-sensitive dye that disappears when it approaches body temperature and reverts to blue/ green color when it falls below body temperature. The blue/ green color makes any excess or remaining adhesive easier to see when bonding and debonding.
4 Used by professional orthodontist only.
4. Keep away from children when storage.
D. Instructions for Use
1. Tooth Preparation
Clean the tooth surface, remove the dirt and rinse with water; Isolate teeth, air dry thoroughly using moisture-free and oil-free air source.
2. Acid Etching
Apply Etchant to tooth surface, rinse with water after 40-60 seconds and dry with air. The tooth surface become chalky after acid etching. If not, prolong the etching period.
3. Priming Teeth
Apply thin coat of primer on prepared tooth surface with brush, not too thick. 4. Apply Adhesive
Dispense thin coat of adhesive onto bracket base.
Put the cap back after application. Place bracket on the tooth surface lightly after applying the adhesive. Position bracket and press down firmly for 3-5 seconds. Remove excess adhesive from the bracket base periphery carefully without touching the bracket.
5. Light Cure
For metal brackets, lighting for 10 seconds at both sides of brackets. For ceramic brackets, lighting for 10 seconds from front of brackets. (LED light

curing is recommended with wavelength 420-470nm. Hold the curing light 2- 3mm above perpendicular to the brackets.) Arch wires may be inserted after all brackets are cured.
E. Storage and Use
1. Storage between 2-28°C. Light sensitive and keep away from moisture. Do not expose materials to excessive temperature or intense light.
2. The materials are designed to be used at room temperature (18-28°C). Bring to room temperature prior to use.
3. Expiry date is 2 years.
F. Manufacture Date, Expiry Date and Specification
Manufacturer date, expiry date and specification: See label on the package G. Revision Date of Instructions
Revision date: 20th Dec, 2019
Manufacturer: Hangzhou Xingchen 3B Dental Instrument & Material Co., Ltd. Address: Building 1, No.39 Kangxian Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, China
Tel: +86-571-87655303
Website: www.ortho3b.com

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