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3 jars of nano whitening power                  

3 jars of whitening liquid                  

1 syringe of gingival protection                  

2 applicator

Activated Hydrogen Peroxide, Nano catalyst, calcium fuoride, ma-naganese superoxide, magnesia, ferric oxide and tylose

Gel Operating process:

This process is known briefly as 3 segments of 8 minutes,and takes about 30 minutes in total.

Step 1:Clean the tooth surface.

Step 2:Apply the gum protector.

Step 3:Apply the whitener,and irradiate it with cold light for 8 minutes.

Step 4:Remove the whitener,apply a new layer of the whitener,and irradiate it with cold light for 8 minutes.

Step 5:Repeat Step 4,and irradiate the whitener white cold light 3 times in total(8 minutes each time).

Step 6:Remove the therapeutic agent in the mouth,and gargle with warm water.

Note:Please use aspirator devices sucked saliva,keep tooth surface is clean and dry.This product has strong oxidizing prohibited swallowed and prohibit direct contact with the skin!

8.Mix the aqua with the nanometer whitening powder into paste.(Note:Add the aqua slowly into the powder slowly until the whitener does not drip from the brush.The mixture should not be too thick.)Apply the ready-mied whitener on the surface os the 16 or more teeth that have been dried at the thickness of about 2-3mm.

9.Adjust the lamp base of the cold light system,which should be right perpendicular to the tooth surface,and just in contace with the mouth gag.

10.Start the first 8-minties treatment course.After that,remove the whitener on the teeth with a strong sucking tube.If necessary,wipe of the residual whitener on the teeth with a dry swab.Do Not rinse with water here.

11.Repeat Step 8-10 twice to proceed with the second and third 8-mintute courses.

12.If the patient’s teeth become sensitive pr painful,stop the whitening treatment.

13.There eill usually be significant effect after three 8-minute courses.

14.After whitening,swab off the whitener,remove the photo-cured resin and the cotton strip carefully,rinse the teeth and the slits between the teeth with water,and remove the mouth gag and the goggles.

15.Make a color comparison of the whitened teeth,and take photos for filing.

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