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DPI IMPRESSION PASTE - Zinc Oxide Eugenol Impression Paste (Similar to SS WHITE ZOE )

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EXP DATE: 04/2027


  • Zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE) based: DPI Impression Paste is a ZOE-based impression material, which is a common type of impression material used in dentistry for its good flow properties and accuracy.

  • Smooth consistency: The paste has a smooth consistency, which provides good flow properties and enables the material to capture fine details.

  • Two-tube system: DPI Impression Paste comes in two paste tubes, one containing the zinc oxide paste and the other containing the eugenol paste.

  • Easy to use: The material is easy to mix, apply and remove, making it a popular choice.


DPI Impression Paste is a commonly used dental impression material that is designed for the final wash impression during complete denture fabrication. It is a zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE) based impression material that comes in two paste tubes particularly useful for edentulous cases and in relining / remodeling. Both tubes contain a paste that is used to create the impression material. The paste has a smooth consistency that provides good flow properties and accuracy, making it suitable for capturing fine details. The material is biocompatible, meaning that it is safe to use in the patient's mouth without causing any harm or irritation.

Indications : 

  • It is commonly used as a final wash impression material in the fabrication of complete dentures. It is suitable for capturing fine details of the teeth and gums, and provides good flow properties and accuracy.


  • Material type: Zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE) based impression material
  • Consistency: Smooth paste
  • Viscosity: Single viscosity suitable for capturing fine details
  • Packaging: Two paste tubes
  • Indication: Final wash impression for complete denture fabrication
  • Biocompatibility: Yes


Box of 2 tubes

  • 125 gm. Zinc Oxide and 85 gm. Eugenol Paste.


  • Using a glass slab and a wide-bladed metal spatula, dispense equal amounts of the two pastes from each tube onto the slab.
  • Mix the pastes together thoroughly using the spatula until a uniform color is achieved. This is important to ensure that the material sets properly and accurately captures the details of the teeth and gums.
  • Load the mixed material onto the custom impression tray using the spatula for taking final impression, taking care to apply it evenly to the tray.
  • Seat the tray in the patient's mouth, making sure to apply enough pressure to achieve good contact. Perform various movements to record all soft tissue landmarks.
  • Once set, carefully remove the impression tray from the patient's mouth, taking care not to distort the impression.
  • Rinse the impression under running water to remove any debris or saliva, and inspect it for accuracy and completeness.
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