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A.J Wilcock Stainless Steel Wire - Australian Wire 🟢 A095

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        AJ Wilcock Special Plus Grade strain-aged wire is a stiffer, more resilient wire in comparison to Special grade, but requires care when bending to avoid fracture.


        Although Australian wires have been imitated by many manufacturers over the years, AJ Wilcock Australian wire remains the global market leader in high tensile stainless steel wires. For over 60 years, this wire has earned its reputation as the finest hard-drawn stainless steel of its kind.

        The extraordinary properties of these wires are due to the research and fine engineering skills employed in the strain aged processing . The hardened surface layer is the key element in the unique properties of Australian wire, and fracture of this shell will lead to breakage. The higher the grade of wire, the more fragile this layer becomes, therefore sharp bends in grades above Special are not recommended.

        Wilcock wires are well known for their resilience and ability to withstand masticatory forces as well as being able to maintain their shape even when auxiliaries and elastics are used. There is no other wire which opens the bite as effectively as Wilcock Australian wire.

PACKAGING : 25 ft (7.6m)

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