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3B - WEPASS Mesh Base & Low Profile Self Ligating Bracket + FREE Opener 🟢 A097

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U.S.A PATENT NO. US10617491B2

MDA REG NO: GB5688622-106162


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One of Best-Selling Self-Ligating Bracket in China, Europe and USA.

  • Rounded Facial Contours - for patient comfort
  • Low profile - reduce Occlusal interference enhance comfort
  • CNC milled slots - assure precise prescription and  smooth slot. Reducing wire friction.
  • Torque in the base - Assure proper bracket placement, accurate expression of torque and in/out
  • Scribed center lines - for precise bracket positioning
  • Anti-Rotation - Suitable mesial-distal width assure good rotational control
  • 3B’s Patent Locking Mechanism - ensure the clip work efficiently for the lifetime of treatment
  • 80-gauge mesh base - Increase bond strength

  • Wepass SL Bracket is the best solution to low friction,
    light force, passive self-ligating technology that delivers fast and efficient treatment result. 
  • Stable , Reliable ,time saving from the beginning to the end. 
  • Classic design and advanced production technology assure prescription’s precision and patient’s comfort. 
  • Low Torque, Standard Torque, High Torque meet different clinical requirement.
  • High Efficient, Stable , Reliable
  1. Smart Niti Elastic Clip
  2. Patent Designed Locking Mechanism. U.S.A. Patent No.: US10617491B2
  3. Wepass SL Bracket can be opened and closed for 300
    times without problem during lifetime of treatment.
Advanced Production Technology
  • Metal Injection Mold(MIM): Combine strength and precise into a single piece construction. All prescriptions are built in, enabling easy achievement of desired torques and angulations 
  • CNC Milling Slots:  Assure precise and sliding slot+ precise in/out dimensions .So ensure accurate expression of bracket’s prescription and efficient teeth movement. Precise and smooth surface reduce friction between wire and slot.
  • Laser Welding: Ensure firm joint of bracket’s body and base.
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